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In July of this year, we had the opportunity to join more than 300 electronics companies over 4 days when we exhibited at the FIEE Smart Future show, one of the busiest and most ambitious electronics tradeshows in South America.

It was the 30th edition of FIEE – International Fair Industry for Electronics. This major event for Electronics in Brazil is dedicated to Connectivity, Energy Efficiency, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and startups.

Attendees included engineers, buyers or enthusiasts from the world of electronics, all sharing the 90.000m² space with companies exhibiting automation, electronics, industrial equipment and energy systems solutions.

When it comes to IC programming, EPS was the only solution on the room. An excellent choice for customers who are interested in process optimization, reduction of SMT bottlenecks and a complete service and logistics solution that supports all device types.

The Brazilian market, in-keeping with global trends, has more and more mechanical parts requiring electronic components. This is part due to the integration of IoT, Big Data and in some cases machine learning. Customers are demanding fast solutions, reliable applications and robust software. The result is that companies are focusing more and more on their core business, and outsourcing that which is not core to specialists. The motivation is not only about cost reduction, but to grow in a competitive market where it is necessary to fulfill customers’ requirements and provide the best customer service experience.

The automotive sector received significant attention during the tradeshow. Most of the major automotive manufacturers were in attendance. This was to be expected considering the automotive market experiences growth every year, companies must continually invest in R&D and think outside the box to provide alternative solutions to a discerning end-user base. This may be one of the reasons that EPS’s market share in automotive has grown since 2013 when we started focusing on the Tier 1 automotive electronic assembly market. Now, in 2019, EPS Brazil is supporting close to 100% of the Tier 1 automotive customers in Manaus city, Amazonas, who are outsourcing their IC programming and Tape & Reeling needs.

Why do Tier 1 Automotive Electronics assemblers choose EPS Global? A state-of-the-art programming center equipped with automatic machines, 3D coplanarity check, laser marking, cameras, global R&D, superior customer support and other gadgets ensuring the highest quality have been cited by customers as the key reasons.

Back to the tradeshow, it was definitely our best experience yet exhibiting at such events in Brazil. It’s all about understanding the customers’ needs, the market requirements and end-user expectations. There’s no better place to get all these answers than this electronic tradeshow. From the small industry owner to the global CEM, 3 clear requirements emerged:

  • 01. To program ICs in a fast way
  • 02. To Tape & Reel mechanical parts for faster SMT placement;
  • 03. To provide a unique and definitive identification mark on the surface of the semiconductor – for this we use laser marking.

There’s lots to be excited about in Brazil. It’s an energetic country with 209 million inhabitants and the government is investing heavily to provide a stable and sustainable backdrop for the electronics industry, in order to help them become more competitive on a global scale.

Our domestic market is significant, and consumers are getting more shrewd. In terms of size and inhabitants, Brazil has a greater population than the sum of Germany, France and United Kingdom combined. Brazil has an average of 1 car to each 2.85 inhabitants, this is a modest number when compared to the USA which has 1 car to each 1.23 inhabitants. As a result, there’s room for growth, and we expect to see an uptick in this market in Brazil in the coming years. EPS will be there to support automotive electronics companies and deliver solutions to any challenges that come their way.


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