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EPS Global & STMicroelectronics Worldwide Announcement – Q1 PCBA Digest

EPS Global & STMicroelectronics Worldwide Announcement – Q1 PCBA Digest

What's New?

EPS Global Offers STM32 Secure Firmware Install Programming

EPS Global has announced that as an ST Authorized Partner, it is ready to support STMicroelectronics’ secure firmware install (SFI) technology for their eligible STM32 microcontrollers. An early adopter implementing the STM32 SFI solution, EPS Global is offering this service to ST’s customers from its global network of secure programming centers. EPS joined the STMicroelectronics Partner Program in January 2021.

The Critical Lowdown
A New Podcast
from EPS Global

The Critical Lowdown is a technology podcast from the team at EPS Global. Each episode will give you access to industry experts, and step beyond the anecdotes to see how new technologies, chip shortages, and an ever-changing security landscape affects you and the projects you're rolling out.

In episode 1, we discuss supply constraints due to the global chip shortage.

Every electronic device we interact with today is packed full of semiconductors. Behind the scenes in our cars, phones, laptops and smart appliances is an orchestra of tiny components each with a specific function, coming together to create a symphony. But what exactly is a semiconductor and how exactly do they work? This blog will give you some quick facts about the tiny components running your day-to-day life.

Part I of our "Secure Provisioning: Essential Security Measures in manufacturing IoT products" series.

Minimizing production time and costs offers a competitive advantage in the mass production of products. Tape and reeling your electronic or mechanical parts can help you transition from manual to automatic placement during the assembly or surface mount technology (SMT) process, achieving faster throughput and saving you significant labor costs.

Here’s 6 questions you need to ask yourself to determine if tape and reeled product will save you time and money.

Root of Trust

Part III of our "Secure Provisioning: Essential Security Measures in manufacturing IoT products" series.

A hardware root of trust (RoT) is the basis for ensuring security in an embedded system. It is based on the idea that an intelligent system has an immutable (non-interruptible) and repeatable sequence that must be executed during initialization.

Identity - Digital Certificates

Part IV of our "Secure Provisioning: Essential Security Measures in manufacturing IoT products" series.

Public Key Infrastructure is a standards-based security technology that has been used to secure network connected devices for some years now. It covers many use cases and provides secure encrypted communications and mutual authentication between devices, services and users. Through the use of digital certificates every connected 'thing' can be bound, by the use of public keys, to entities such as people and organizations.

Media Center

Innovation meets Efficiency at our Research and Development center

We invest in the latest programming equipment so you don’t have to, in fact we design and manufacture our own innovative high speed automatic handlers in our R&D and Production Center in Brno in the Czech Republic that are a result of applying 30-plus years of systematic observation and measurement of what our customers really need.

CEO Outlook: Hardwired for success, with Colin Lynch, EPS Global

In this episode of The EY CEO Outlook series, EPS Global CEO Colin Lynch tells host Richard Curran the story of scaling internationally without external equity, making personal sacrifices to keep EPS Global afloat, and his plans to grow the company three-fold by 2025.

Secure the Edge | Securing LPC55Sxx Provisioning and Volume Programming with NXP

Ensuring that valuable IP is protected throughout the product lifecycle can help bring peace of mind and prevent loss of revenue. This webinar will provide an overview of the security features available on the LPC5500 MCU series from NXP and how they can be leveraged as part of the manufacturing process.

Tape and Reeling Solutions from EPS Global

EPS Global offers component tape and reeling as a standalone service or as a complement to our IC programming services in all locations. Our automatic machines use vision-controlled device placement in the tape, checking for pin orientation, laser marking and empty sockets.


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