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Securing Cars in a Connected World

Securing Cars in a Connected World

The rapid evolution of connectivity in the automotive industry has led to a fundamental shift in the way we build and buy vehicles. Where once there was steel and pistons, we now have carbon fiber and electronic chips connected to the IoT. Consumers expect their vehicles to seamlessly sync with other devices, give directions, lane assistance and at some point, to drive autonomously.

Extra connectivity adds scope for extra functionality of course, but it also presents significantly higher risks and security vulnerabilities as the points of entry multiply.

Security is a complex subject with many specialty areas such as cryptography, public key infrastructure, Roots of Trust, digital certificates and more. At EPS Global we have invested in technologies, both software and hardware, that use these techniques to implement systems that can protect our customers' valuable IP.

We have built a security ecosystem, right from the silicon coming out of the factory through application development and product lifecycle. Through our partnership with the largest semiconductor vendors globally, a world-leading electronics distributor for consistent component supply and trusted lifecycle management solutions providers, we can provide cradle-to-grave security for every IoT application.

The Benefits of IoT Security are Threefold

Development engineers (and their managers) can reduce the stress of designing complex security systems by specifying the use of Secure Provisioning early on in the design of their products. With the hard work, risk and investment in the technologies that enable end-to-end security having been taken care of by EPS, organizations can be confident that:

  1. Their valuable IP is not stolen, cloned or over-produced during the manufacturing process
  2. Their chips in connected vehicles are guarded against malicious attacks
  3. Over-the-air updates are truly secure.

We must learn from these real-world remote hacks - Security should be integral to the design of a connected vehicle.

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Download the infographic: Securing Automobiles in a Connected World or
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IoT Security and the Connected Car - A timeline of automotive hacks and how to safeguard against them

Download the infographic: Securing Automobiles in a Connected World

EPS Global provides simple, cost-effective Secure Provisioning services from our state-of-the-art programming centers strategically located in all major electronic manufacturing hubs worldwide.

Talk to us today about end-to-end security solutions for your Automotive applications.


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