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Benefits of Outsourcing your Programming

Escalating programming times at ICT and the large upfront capital costs of high-performance programming equipment are just two of the challenges faced by customers. EPS Global has considered these challenges and more in developing our service offering. We offer cost and technology advantages... What does this mean for you?

You can remove programming from in-circuit test, which streamlines your manufacturing saving you time and money.

Predictable, competitive per unit costs, often without NRE.

The ability to flex costs to volume and to move capacity globally as projects move.

Reliable capacity as EPS has multiple machines per location and a large in-house support team, we are never dependant on the reliability of a single machine at any one time.

Being able to support the latest chip technologies without further investment and staying ahead of innovation in areas like security.

Our proximity to you. When looking at a decision to outsource programming-as-a-service, no customer anywhere in the world will need to travel far to find an EPS Service Point.


We pride ourselves in consistently providing the highest quality and reliable, on-time services to our customers. We have good long-standing relationships with the chip manufacturers and equipment suppliers. This helps us develop the right solution for you within your timescales. We provide 24-hour turnaround on first articles.

We provide a fully integrated production process: programming, 3D inspection and coplanarity checking for lead integrity, part orientation, and mark verification, tape & reeling along with component configuration for manufacturer service pre-forming.

To achieve the necessary quality levels we have designed in-line 3D coplanarity modules to test pin integrity as well as OCV vision systems to ensure device orientation and marking is correct after it has been through our process. Our fully automated systems will program, coplanarity check each device, laser mark and tape & reel your product from package to package.

We repack your product to manufacturers’ standards and incorporate barcode labelling to your specification. Let us know what your requirements are and we will build the right process to service your needs.

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