Research & Development

We invest in the latest programming equipment so you don’t have to, in fact we design and manufacture our own innovative high speed automatic handlers in our R&D and Production Center in Brno in the Czech Republic that are a result of applying 30-plus years of systematic observation and measurement of what our customers really need.

Innovation in Production

As our business grew over two decades, and customers’ requirements became more sophisticated, we developed bespoke automated hardware solutions to solve their issues.

We now have a mature team of development engineers based in Brno City in Czech Republic who are responsible for developing our three headline handlers, Cyclone, Zephyr and Storm series machines.

  • Innovative Programmers
  • Adjustable width Automatic Tape & Reel machines
  • Machine Monitoring Software
  • 3D Coplanarity Checking
  • OCV Vision Systems
  • Custom Component Packaging
  • Laser Marking

Machine Monitoring Software

Our Machine Monitoring Software monitors machine utilization across all centers around the world in order to project volume and capacity requirements. We have a secure, centralized machine data storage system to enable automatic update and backup of all our machines globally. Our machines' statistics cloud is stored for monitoring & capacity planning. The machine data is easily accessible from all regions: EMEA, Americas, Asia.

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