What's Inside?

1 Introduction

  • Abstract

2 Key Security Measures

  • Encryption
  • Root of Trust
  • Identity
  • Hardware Security Module

3 Security Measures in Secure Provisioning

  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Keys
  • Digital Signatures

4 Secure Provisioning Workflow

  • Software Development
  • IP Packaging
  • Package Transfer
  • Secure Provisioning

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Whitepaper Author

Chris Jones

Security Solutions Specialist & FAE (Freelance Consultant)

Chris Jones holds a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Coventry University. Chris began his career at BAE Systems where he designed Versa Module Eurocard (VME) boards for use in real-time software testing equipment, in helmet-mounted display systems, finally culminating in Project Leader for the Head-Up Display system for the F-22 Raptor jet fighter.

After 12 years in military avionics design and manufacturing Chris moved to Cypress Semiconductor as an FAE. There he won awards for Complex Programmable Logic Device and USB product design-ins, progressing to European Platform FAE for the flagship PSoC micro-controller. From Cypress Chris moved to Renesas Electronics as a Senior Applications Engineer, and after 6 years decided to use his industry experience to help a start-up, Secure Thingz who were acquired by IAR Systems. Whilst at Secure Thingz one of his many roles was training in the complexities of security, also presenting at many IoT conferences on the topic of secure manufacturing techniques.