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Custom Tape Manufacture

EPS Global's automatic thermoforming machines create custom embossed carrier tape for components that do not fit into standard tape pockets. It's the ideal solution for electronic, mechanical and electromechanical devices that have odd shapes, angles or dimensions.

We use high-quality tooling to ensure your devices are contained securely in form-fitting pockets, protecting them from physical and electrostatic discharge damage during shipping and storage, and presented precisely to pick-and-place machines for automatic placement on the assembly line during the SMT process.

Our service is #any-shape-to-any-tape. We can take parts in packaged in tubes, on trays or in bulk in bags or boxes and our bowl feeding machines will queue the parts for automatic tape and reeling.

We have the capability to create tape for all standard SMD including transistors, diodes, MOSFETs and non-traditional component types including LEDs, connectors, resistors, inductors, metal heatsinks and power converters.

Work with EPS Global to tape & reel your devices and benefit from:

  • Eliminating manual insertion, saving significant labor costs
  • Reduced production time and cost on your assembly line
  • Increased resilience and consistency in your supply chain with a local partner
  • Avoiding inflated freight costs as we can use expedited ground shipping in the majority of cases because located close to you!

We provide fast turnaround times and never compromise on quality.

We are ready to quote you on your next project. Specify your cavity width (A0), length (B0), depth (K0), along with the desired carrier tape width (W) and the pitch (P1) between the cavity centers or simply send a drawing and we will get back to you immediately.

Check out our video which shows our automatic taping & reeling, and the thermoforming of custom pockets during the custom tape manufacture process.


parts in

Emboss tape according
to your dimensions

Parts Tape & Reeled
using automatic handlers

Parts shipped to
your point-of-use


Reduce Production Time by Utilizing Tape and Reel

Reduce Production Time by Utilizing Tape and Reel

Minimizing production time and costs offers a competitive advantage in the mass production of products. Tape and reeling your electronic or mechanical parts can help you transition from manual to automatic placement during the assembly or surface mount technology (SMT) process, achieving faster throughput and saving you significant labor costs.

What is Component Baking?

What is
Component Baking?

All integrated circuits (ICs) are subject to moisture ingress if left in an ambient environment. You may wonder why this is an issue… how bad can it be if a component takes on a little moisture and how could this affect the functionality of the device? In fact, before we even consider the effect on how an exposed device functions inside a finished product...

EPS offer Programming as a Service

In EPS we offer Programming-as-a-Service

What does this mean? It means we take our genuinely global network and provide volume, quality Programming-as-a-Service on any device anywhere in the world. If it sounds simple, it’s not. We have 20 years invested in growing our network and our quality system from the ground up in 12 countries around the world.

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We are always looking to expand our partnerships and service offering. If you would like us to research and quote on any project, please contact us.


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