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Do you need the flexibility of a local service provider to manage and configure your consigned inventory on-demand?

Do you want to configure your products at the lowest total cost while reducing your programming lead times?

Do you want to control your firmware revisions on the fly?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you need programming-as-a-service from EPS.


Programming-as-a-service is a facility that allows Electronic Manufacturers to outsource the programming of integrated circuits to a Programming House, removing the complexity and considerable time burden of programming during in-circuit test, introducing increased efficiencies on the production line and cost savings to an organization.

When it comes to device programming, we at EPS Global understand our customers' needs: competitive pricing, fast turns and zero defects. We own state of the art programming equipment - a combination of our own proprietary equipment which we manufacture at our Research & Development Center in Czech Republic and continuous investment in the latest equipment from global brand name programmer suppliers. We maintain strong relationships with our key customers and programmer manufacturers ensuring we are aware of market trends and changes.

Leverage our infrastructure and experience to reduce your costs, increase your productivity and meet your production deadlines.


Global Programming Capabilities

Your Requirements Catered For

Our services support just about any technology and package in quantities ranging from a small prototype run to large volume production levels. We carry all commercially available standard sockets as well as specially designed custom sockets, and we have strong relationships with all of the chip manufacturers enabling us to get over the line first with new algorithms.

  • QFP Programming; BGA Programming
  • Memory, Micros, CPLD, UFS & eMMC
  • Serialization
  • Custom marking - laser marking or labelling
  • In-line 3D Coplanarity inspection
  • Custom algorithms for encrypted key loading, embedded trusted certificates
  • Any input/output combination (tray to tray, tray to tape, tape to tray, tape to tape) - #anyshapetoanytape
  • 24-hour turnaround on first article masters in most cases
  • Simple management of firmware changes



The miniaturization of integrated circuit packaging has produced families of difficult to handle chips which present their own problems. EPS has built in a 3 dimensional coplanarity check on all devices programmed in their centers to protect against handling and placement problems regularly encountered by manufacturers using high pin count devices.


Universal Flash Storage (UFS) technology has migrated from mobile phones and other consumer devices into Automotive applications. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Navigation and Integrated Infotainment Systems are driving IC data storage demands up to multiple gigabyte and terabyte levels. In addition to our flash memory and microcontroller programming, we have developed extensive capability in programming multichip packages with long cycle times including eMMC and UFS devices to offer high-volume throughput.

Controlling Firmware Changes with Ease

Do ECNs cause issues in your business? Firmware changes can be frequent in manufacturing but can cause delays in the process. We have the systems to manage your consigned inventory, accommodating these change processes to ensure you always have the correct version ready for manufacturing. Code changes will not hold up production and will be reflected globally regardless of your manufacturing location.

We are actively expanding our partnership program and would be very pleased to speak to anyone who is looking for a reliable, flexible IC programming partner. Get in touch and let’s see what we can do to help.

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We are always looking to expand our partnerships and service offering. If you would like us to research and quote on any project, please contact us.


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