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ISO 27001 Certification ensuring the security of information held by EPS.

Biometric ID access by vetted staff to machines in our programming centers.

Secure VPN access for secure encrypted transfer of programming files to individual machines.


EPS is working closely with chip vendors to provide secure provisioning services to their customers on their security-enabled devices.

Secure Provisioning and Secure Data Programming by EPS

At EPS, we have given thought to the end to end process of how our customers develop and deploy secure designs. Our main objective is to allow our customers to seamlessly access a global network of secure programming centers to service their high volume requirements. Our secure provisioning services offer:


EPS Global offers secure provisioning services to customers at a very competitive pricepoint.


EPS supports a wide variety of Secure Elements and Security-enabled microcontrollers and microprocessors. For the very latest list of devices supported, please contact EPS.

Secure Provisioning

EPS offers this service from any of its 18 programming centres located around the globe across the Americas, EMEA, India and Asia.

Seamless Transition from
Protoype to High Volume

EPS enables customers to start with low volume pre-production, and ramp up to full production by using our globally situated programming locations.

Business Models

Most popular model – free issue devices to your chosen EPS Programming Center and we will apply a per-unit provisioning charge. We can also source products if you require it, especially where we are a franchised distributor for that chip manufacturer.

Quality Level

EPS maintains the following world class quality levels compliant with all International manufacturing quality control procedures: ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, and VDA 6.3 (German Automotive standard).


EPS can support customers where they use 3rd party Certificates or we can supply a total solution including Certificates for customers that require this service.


EPS Secure Provisioning services meet the following security standards: FIPS140-2 Level 2&3, ISO/IEC 15408 EAL 4+, ISO/IEC 27001, ITU-T X.509 v3 and PKCS#11



Why is it important?

Traditional Connected Devices

In the typical Wintel or mobile phone environment where most of our internet connectivity has existed, there is today a considerable overhead of code and memory devoted to securing the applications. This results in an acceptably high threshold for hackers to surmount to compromise these devices.

End-to-End Security

Chip and technology makers such as ARM are focused on security and are working to integrate new security features into the next generation of microcontrollers using their Trustzone platform and Cryptocell technologies.

These features allow customers to embed unique keys that can be programmed into their chips and used to identify users accessing the chip to determine the users’ validity.

EPS is working to develop a portfolio of programming services in the area of security to allow our customers to take full advantage of these new features.

Automotive & IoT

In automotive electronics, many of the chips and operating systems used are smaller and do not carry the same memory or security overhead. Thanks to the IoT however, they are beginning to share some of the same connectivity. This results in a concern that key systems may be too easily compromised by hackers.


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