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EPS Global Announce Advanced Secure Provisioning Support

Enabling Secure Provisioning for the IOT

Advanced Secure Provisioning Support

Dublin. December 1st 2020 — EPS Global, a world-leading IC Programming and Secure Provisioning services organization today announced a strategic capability to enable high volume and scalable secure provisioning.

IoT device security is an increasingly vital requirement. Due to the inherent nature of connected devices, which can be updated over-the-air in manufacturing and real-world environments, traditional security solutions do not provide adequate defense. A device manufacturer building an IoT product faces the risk of system hijacking, product disruption, IP theft and product cloning. In the absence of end-to-end security, these devices are vulnerable to exploits causing them to shut down, damaging critical industrial infrastructure or injuring users, counterfeiting or over-production.

The only truly secure way to provision these devices is at the chip level in a secure production environment. Secure Production enables full protection throughout the supply chain, establishing “Root of Trust” at device creation, enabling OEMs to embed security and protect their devices.

A key aspect of the manufacture of a truly secure connected product is secure provisioning. EPS Global, who provide secure provisioning and programming-as-a-service from its 19 programming centers worldwide, is uniquely placed to offer a cost-effective, trusted and integrated method to OEMs and CEMs in the IoT space. Using advanced technology, EPS is targeting the delivery of secure frameworks required to maintain authenticity and firmware integrity throughout the lifetime of a connected device, on a global scale.

The advanced Secure Provisioning capability leverages technology supplied by Secure Thingz, aligning with their Embedded Trust, which delivers advanced security solutions into the emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Critical Infrastructure markets. To drive the “Supply Chain of Trust,” Secure Thingz delivers a high-security development framework that ensures stakeholder alignment across silicon vendor, OEM, programming center, contract manufacturer, and end users.

"Security must be a primary design consideration as more and more devices become connected," said Colin Lynch, CEO, EPS Global. "We are delighted to announce this capability, which allows us to help our customers anywhere in the world protect their devices from security attacks ranging from IP theft to hacking. IOT device manufacturers will now be able to get secure, connected products to market quicker by leveraging our in-house production technology and experienced staff.

Intellectual Property theft is estimated at $60B p.a. in the EU, potentially impacting 300,000 jobs according to the European Centre for International Political Economy. It is critical that companies protect their IP, and reduce cloning and counterfeiting,” said Haydn Povey, CEO Secure Thingz, “Secure Provisioning is the solution to inhibiting these losses, alongside the advantages of creating a robust Root of Trust in devices. We are very pleased that EPS is enabling the delivery of these capabilities and leveraging their expertise in programming and logistics.


EPS Global is one of the world’s largest IC Programming and Secure Provisioning Service providers, working with Tier 1 Automotive electronic suppliers, top 20 OEMs and top 50 contract manufacturers since 1999. Strategically located in all major electronic clusters worldwide, EPS has 19 state-of-the-art programming centers delivering consistent product quality, competitive pricing and reliable on-time delivery. EPS Global has achieved VDA 6.3, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 qualifications and is a corporate member of the IOT Security Foundation. For more information, visit https://www.epsprogramming.com. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


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