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EPS Global Joins the IoT Security Foundation as a Corporate Member

We are delighted to announce that we have joined the IoT Security Foundation as a corporate member.

The IoT Security Foundation was established to respond to the myriad of challenges and concerns over security in the Internet of Things. It is a collaborative, vendor-neutral, international initiative aspiring to be the expert resource for sharing knowledge, best practice and advice.

According to the IOTSF, the number of connected devices will be measured in billions, and the economic impact of the Internet of Things will be measured in trillions of dollars. It is clear that the IoT opportunity is huge, but the reality is that the proliferation of connected devices that make up the IoT ecosystem introduces risk directly into the physical world. The lines between virtual threats and actual threats to real world devices, utilities and critical infrastructure are blurred.

It is clear that IoT security should be a top concern for organizations as it is more than just the company's reputation at stake, should their product be compromised and cause security issues down the line. The IP of their product is potentially at risk also, so software should be encrypted to ensure it is protected from intrusion, and later counterfeiting. It is imperative that silicon vendors, technology manufacturers, service providers and users work together to ensure security is fit-for-purpose, and this is in the key mission statement of the IOTSF.

As an IOTSF member, EPS Global is doing its part by fulfilling an essential part of the security supply chain. We provide secure provisioning services for connected devices across many industry verticals - industrial IoT, medical, consumer products, automotive and various other mass market IoT applications. Our customers can seamlessly access a global network of secure programming centers to service prototype to high volume secure provisioning and data programming requirements.

For more information on Secure Provisioning, visit our website here, or contact us here.

About EPS Global

EPS Global is one of the world's largest Programming and Secure Provisioning Service providers and has been working with PCB assemblers globally since 1999. EPS owns and operates 18 programming centers around the world. EPS provides Secure Provisioning-as-a-Service and Programming-as-a-Service to Tier 1 Automotive electronic suppliers, Top 20 OEMs and Top 50 Contract Manufacturers. Services include high-quality, reliable, versatile and extremely prompt IC programming, tape & reeling, and component configuration. EPS Global has achieved ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, TS16949 and VDA 6.3 certifications in its state-of-the-art programming centers. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


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