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How to Secure IoT Devices & Protect your IP – Q2 PCBA Digest

How to Secure IoT Devices & Protect your IP – Q2 PCBA Digest

What's New?

EPS Global and Secure Thingz Press Release

EPS Global Announces Partnership with Secure Thingz

EPS Global, a world-leading IC Programming and Secure Provisioning services organization, has announced a partnership with Secure Thingz, an IAR Systems Group company, delivering advanced development and provisioning platforms to secure the IoT.

EPS Global Unveils New Secure Programming Center in Manaus

EPS has announced the opening of a new programming center in Manaus, Brazil. The upgrade to the new 1,200m² secure facility in Manaus from their previous 300m² center is to facilitate recent growth in business in the region. This ISO 9001:2015-certified Programming Center is part of a wider network of 22 programming facilities EPS Global owns and operates across the world.

Securing IoT Devices

How do we Guarantee Trust & Privacy in a Hyper-Connected World of Devices?
Earlier this month, the CEO of EPS Global, Colin Lynch sat down with Hayden Povey, founder and CEO of Secure Thingz and the Chief Strategy Officer at IAR Systems, to discuss the topic of IOT security. Hayden has just returned from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he has been acting in an advisory role on the key requirements for security of connected devices, and on the future minimum standards.

Securing IoT Devices - Second Episode

In the second installment of this podcast, EPS Global CEO Colin Lynch asks what manufacturers can do to guarantee trust and privacy in their connected devices, and is there a silver bullet when it comes to security?

Colin and Haydn discuss recent security breaches in the industrial, medical, critical infrastructure, automotive industries, and the solutions available from EPS Global and Secure Thingz which add security into your products to protect against cloning, counterfeiting and eliminate IP theft.

Packaging Components with Tape and Reel

We rely heavily on electronics to power the products we use on a daily basis from our phones, TVs, laptops, home appliances, and especially our cars. The rapid evolution of connectivity in the automotive industry has led to a fundamental shift in the way we build and buy vehicles. Where once there was steel and pistons, we now have carbon fiber and electronic chips connected to the IoT.

How do electronics get packaged for efficient assembly into our most coveted devices?


Can you reset the lifetime of a semiconductor? Component Baking is the Answer.

Like fresh produce in a kitchen, semiconductors too have a shelf life. Semiconductors are often made from materials such as silicon and germanium which soak up ambient moisture with ease. But can manufacturers resurrect semiconductors and save time and money on their production line?

Why is a Hardware Security Module Trusted?

Hardware Security Modules

A HSM is a special 'trusted' computer performing a variety of cryptographic operations such as key management, key exchange, encryption/decryption etc. A HSM is trusted because:
a) It is specialized hardware that is well-tested and certified in special laboratories. b) It runs on a security-focused operating system...


Tape & Reel

EPS Global offers component tape and reeling as a standalone service or as a complement to our IC programming services in all locations. Our automatic machines use vision-controlled device placement in the tape, checking for pin orientation, laser marking and empty sockets.

Services Include:

  • Tape and Reel
  • Custom Tape Manufacture
  • Tray, Tube, Bulk to Reel
  • Polarity Testing
  • Laser Marking
  • 2D/3D Coplanatary Inspection

Component Baking

At EPS, we have specially designed software-controlled ovens which have multiple functions from controlling the temperature and time the components are exposed to heat.

Contact us today - we can breathe life back into components outside 24-month date codes or those you’ve sourced from an alternative distributor. By baking them in our strictly controlled ovens (and reprogramming the devices if required) we can enable you to avoid some of the line stoppages that may be impacting your business.


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