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Expert Perspectives on IoT Security - It's the Q2 PCBA Digest from EPS!

Expert Perspectives on IoT Security - It's the Q2 PCBA Digest from EPS!

What's New?

Around the World with our COO!

Around the World
with our COO!

This month our Chief Operating Officer Mick Mc Carthy has been visiting some of our secure programming centers across the globe from Mexico to Romania. Timisoara was one of our first programming centers, set up 20 years ago and remains one of our busiest locations. A new carrier tape embossing machine is busy at work in our Thermoforming factory in Queretaro, creating custom tape for clients to package their devices on reels. A bowl feeding machine configures high volume components at our Programming & Materials Handling Center in Pinar, Guadalajara. We're constantly adding to and improving our equipment to meet demand.

secure IC programming services

EPS Global Wins Best Supplier Award from Jabil

Last month we received Jabil's Best Supplier Award in Wuxi, China. As a world-leader in IC Programming and Secure Provisioning services, we're proud to work closely with Jabil, providing IC programming services from our in-house team at their 700,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Jabil provides world-class engineering and manufacturing services to customers both in China and overseas, mainly focused on the production of mobile phone-related parts. EPS Global also provides IC programming, component configuration and packaging services to Jabil in various other locations around the world including Hungary and Mexico.

The Building Blocks for IOT Security - Part 1

Expert Perspectives on Balancing Consumer and Corporate Risk... The exponential growth of the Internet of Things has presented opportunities to malign actors to exploit potential weaknesses for criminal gains. The consequences of not securing connected devices are getting ever more significant as mandated by recent legislation.

To navigate the complex IOT Security ecosystem, we have assembled a panel of the industry's foremost experts to discuss the legislation, threats, technology, distribution, and solutions.

The Building Blocks for IOT Security - Part 2

In Part 2, our panel of experts emphasizes the importance of making IoT security more accessible and consumable for engineers and designers, as well as the need for collaboration among industry players to tackle security challenges for connected devices. This episode covers the increasing number of cybersecurity regulations worldwide, the need for a proactive approach, and the key role organizations like EPS Global, NXP, IAR, and Future Electronics are playing in providing practical and accessible security solutions for volume production of connected devices.

Adapting to Market Forces in Manufacturing

How Outsourced Device Programming is Solving Financial, Supply Chain & Staffing Challenges... Now more than ever, there is a trend towards subcontracting IC programming propelled by market forces ranging from a volatile chip supply, a constrained labor market, the rising cost of capital investment and difficulty in raising debt.

With these prevailing mega trends at play why is outsourcing your IC Programming a competitive and sustainable option to ensure your projects are rolled out on time and on budget?

Media Center

Programming Center Refit in Thailand!

Programming Center Refit in Thailand!

We have recently undergone a major refit of our programming center in Chon Buri, Thailand. With our new state of the art carrier tape embossing machine, we can manufacture standard and custom carrier tape for your electronic and electromechanical components. This short video features our Ops Manager Mohamad Shabir checking out our measuring equipment to ensure our product quality complies with industrial standards.

PSTI Bill Explained in under 5 Minutes

PSTI Bill Explained in under 5 Minutes

Our Field Applications Engineer for Secure Trust Provisioning​, Malcolm Kitchen, discusses the UK's Product Security and Telecoms Infrastructure Bill and its impact on consumer products that connect to the internet. With a focus on three key requirements: unique passwords, vulnerability disclosure policy, and product update commitments, Malcolm explores the importance of Secure Provisioning and encryption for compliance.

Embedded Security Semiconductor Advancements, Silicon Valley

EPS Global CEO Colin Lynch will speak at Future Eletctronic's Embedded Security Seminar this August in Silicon Valley.

With the number of connected devices increasing and more vulnerabilities expected to emerge as compute capabilities advance over the next decade, there is growing urgency and regulatory activity around ensuring systems are cyber-resilient with hardware-based solutions that implement a robust chain of trust. The expert panel will show you how you can protect your embedded design against the rapidly accelerating and costly threat of firmware attacks.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Make It! Race It! Recycle It!

Boat Race

Last week our team from EPS Romania competed in the annual Ecostuff Make It! Race It! Recycle It! boat race on the river Bega in Timisoara alongside customers and neighbours Forvia and ZF.
Their boat, made out of recovered and recyclable materials, was themed Los Queretanos in honor of our awesome team in EPS Mexico!
Well done to our team - the race tested their creativity, environmental prowess and endurance, and received a special prize for their performance.

Solar Panels at EPS Romania Giving Back to the Grid

In Timisoara, our recently installed solar panels are already producing more than double our electricity requirements. In the first week of June, we fed 2.15 MW back into the electricity grid. Since their installation at the end of April we are delighted to say that we have reduced our carbon dioxide production by 10.15t, and 8.55t of standard coal has been saved which is the equivalent of planting 14 trees. We are hoping to build upon this successful initiative at our other locations... and so continues our progress towards a more sustainable future.


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