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Sidestepping Chip Shortages and Seasons Greetings from EPS Global

Sidestepping Chip Shortages and Seasons Greetings from EPS Global

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[Press Release] Renesas announces EPSGlobal as ‘Partner of the Month’

EPS Global, a world-leading provider of IC Programming and Secure Provisioning services, has been named the Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), ‘Partner of the Month’. EPS provides secure provisioning services for Renesas microcontrollers from its global network of secure programming centers.

Secure Thingz accelerates mass production of secure IoT devices through EPS Global Partnership

Embedded Trust and Secure Deploy product releases and strengthened partnership with global programming service provider EPS Global enables mass volume remote secure programming, inhibiting malware injection, IP theft, and supporting secure bill of materials (SBOM) legislation.

In the great chip shortage of 2021, many electronics manufacturers have had no option but to use stock they’ve held in storage with older date codes or source their components from channels outside of their regular supply chain, not knowing what condition they have been stored in.

If these components have been stored in an ambient environment, it can result in outcomes very detrimental to the manufacturing process.

So why is Component Baking essential?

Part I of our "Secure Provisioning: Essential Security Measures in manufacturing IoT products" series.

Within seconds of searching for "secure provisioning" on the web, you are presented with a myriad of descriptions covering multiple technologies, but very few of which seem to relate to the problems placed upon your classic embedded development engineer. So why should an embedded engineer be interested in secure provisioning-as-a-service?

Part II of our "Secure Provisioning: Essential Security Measures in manufacturing IoT products" series.

Encryption is a complex subject but is probably the key element in ensuring your software is protected and not visible to unauthorized persons. Encryption is often the first thing that comes to mind when the subject of security is raised. Learn about Symmetric and Asymmetric Keys in our blog article now.

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Ireland awards was held last month in Dublin. The 24 finalists collectively employ more than 3,900 people and generate revenue in excess of €1 billion.

EPS's CEO, Colin Lynch, details the company's growth since 1999 stemming from a culture of entrepreneurial spirit amongst regional managers in our 20 Programming Centers worldwide.

Hosted with Nuvoton

Are you designing a product that will be connected to the IoT? How are you going to protect your valuable IP and safeguard against counterfeiting or over-production? What measures have you taken to ensure that your device will be guarded against malicious attacks once it’s on the market?

This webinar is a practical guide on how to implement the 3 S's in your product development - Software, Security Services and Safety - how and at which point these must be integrated into your product development to ensure your connected product is secure.

Interactive Infographics

Securing Cars in a Connected World

The rapid evolution of connectivity in the automotive industry has led to a fundamental shift in the way we build and buy vehicles. Where once there was steel and pistons, we now have carbon fiber and electronic chips connected to the IoT. Consumers expect their vehicles to seamlessly sync with other devices, give directions, lane assistance and at some point, to drive autonomously

A Day in the Life of IoT Security

The IoT is becoming all pervasive. From your morning coffee, commute to work, tapping your card to pay for lunch, adjusting the heat, or getting a gym class in before dinner - there may be many points during the day at which we encounter devices that are connected to the Internet. Check out our infographic which exposes vulnerabilities if IoT devices are not secured.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience working in many high velocity industry verticals ranging from automotive to consumer, industrial, commercial, aerospace and defense. We have built our infrastructure around a sound base of 35 years experience servicing electronics manufacturing.

With programming centers strategically located in all major electronic manufacturing hubs in the world, our team will work with yours, in your language, no matter where you decide to build it. Before you choose EPS Global, you will want to know a bit more about us.
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