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PCBA Digest: Cost Benefits of Outsourcing & Are you Ready for ETSI? - Q3 PCBA Digest

PCBA Digest: Cost Benefits of Outsourcing & Are you Ready for ETSI? - Q3 PCBA Digest

What's New?

Outsource Device Provisioning

[Podcast] Outsourced Device Programming: A Simplified Manufacturing Solution

Can outsourcing device programming simplify the manufacturing process, and can it help manufacturers maintain speed and quality on their assembly lines?

We had the pleasure of speaking to Mick McCarthy, who is our Chief Operations Officer, about the benefits of outsourcing these essential services. Mick has 40 years experience in the industry. He co-founded EPS in 1999 and was CEO of the company for 20 years before moving to the COO role to allow him to concentrate on growing the services business.


Are You Ready for ETSI EN 303 645? Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things

Security is a growing concern as more and more consumer devices connect to the Internet of Things. ETSI EN 303 645 was developed by industry, academics, testing institutes and international government bodies to form a standard against which manufacturers can assess the compliance of their devices.

ETSI has 13 provisions designed to prevent large-scale, prevalent attacks against smart devices which manufacturers must implement to ensure their end products are secure.

IoT Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our homes, cars, hospitals, businesses and public spaces – mostly for the better – but without suitable precautions (security, privacy) IoT devices can be an attractive target for malicious actors and cyberattacks.

When embarking on an IoT project, or designing a new connected device or product, it’s important to factor in security early on. The potential impact of an IoT security breach is forcing a suitable security model from the design and manufacturing phase which supports secure production; the secure provisioning of root keys and certificates at the time of manufacturing, secure mastering, and a foundation for secure updates.

Ensuring that valuable IP is protected throughout the product lifecycle can help bring peace of mind and prevent loss of business revenue. This webinar will provide an overview of the security features available on the LPC5500 MCU series from NXP and how they can be leveraged as part of the manufacturing process.

EPS Global, a worldwide provider of IC programming and secure provisioning services, will discuss the value these security features bring to IP protection and outline the manufacturing flows available for the LPC5500 MCU series to deliver end-to-end security throughout the product’s lifecycle, from design, and throughout the manufacturing supply chain.


How do we Guarantee a 99.9999% Success Rate?

Outsourcing device programming can be beneficial for manufacturers in terms of cost, time and quality. However, it is important to partner with a reputable and experienced programming company to ensure that the process is executed smoothly and efficiently.

How do we ensure that the failure rate stays below 1 part per million when programming your parts?

Securing Cars in a Connected World

The rapid evolution of connectivity in the automotive industry has led to a fundamental shift in the way we build and buy vehicles. Where once there was steel and pistons, we now have carbon fiber and electronic chips connected to the IoT.

Extra connectivity adds higher risks - Security should be integral to the design of a connected vehicle.


IC Programming

Our service allows you to remove programming from in-circuit test. We support just about any technology and package in quantities ranging from small prototype runs to large volume production levels.

Services Include:

  • Memory, Micros, CPLD, UFS & eMMC
  • Encrypted key loading/Serialization
  • Custom marking - laser marking or labelling
  • In-line 3D Coplanarity inspection
  • 24-hour turnaround on first article masters in most cases

Component Preforming

We have developed areas dedicated to client component preforming activities to prep components for subsequent manufacturing processes such as SMT and THT.

This activity has come about as a result of many years working with our client base and recognizing the challenges they encounter during the manufacturing process.
Services Include:

  • Lead cropping and forming
  • Automatic component assembly soldering
  • Kitting
  • Polarity testing prior to lead forming
  • Bowl-fed tape & reeling

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